These are a couple of web based projects that I have worked on. These projects have ranged from conceptualizing and building the site from top to bottom to working with developers abroad to bring these projects to the finish line. The web is a wonderful tool for businesses, ideas, and individuals alike. I have been blessed to be able to work with some great companies creating their own web presence.

Acts of Good has been a wonderful project to work on. I had the privilege of working on all aspects of design with them (Website, Printed Journal, Handouts). Being there close to the start was great to see all the hard work and conviction of this great startup pay off!

Acts Of Good

Agenda BE is an amazing non for profit founded by Adam Benton all on the basis of having the resources to BE more, by connecting charities, businesses and the community all in the same place. Agenda BE gives a platform for charities to further impact the world around them. I was asked to help move their concepts to a visual reality in their website. The goal was to put together a site that would connect with a diversity of users from businesses to charities and everyone in between.

Agenda Be

Trinity Christian College's Design Department is an program that is growing like wildfire. They wanted to put together a department site that would allow them to showcase the many talented students moving through the program as well as their many successful alumni. The goal here was to create an experience that was immersed in images around their new state of the art facilities while putting a focus on the programs goals of community and the pursuit of excellence.

Trinity Christian Collage Art Department

VP Mark is a company built on an accessible virtual mark publishing tool.  You can put together a secure and private database for all you patent information. I was asked to help refresh their site and bring together a clean aesthetic and fresh color palette. 

VP Mark